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Antonio Russo will give a talk in the “Madrid Fashion Doll Show”

Ada y Antonio


We would like to introduce you to Antonio Russo, a veteran collector who shares the same year and month of birth with Ken (August, 1961) so it was not so strange for him to fall madly in love with Barbie. Antonio saw her first Barbie when he was only five years old and it is an endless love until now. But like many men, he can avoid being unfaithful and he also likes other beauties like Tammy dolls, dolls of the mod era and some new ones . He is truly in love with dolls as Gene from Mel Odom, Alex by Madame Alexander’s, the fabulous Brenda Starr from Robert Tonner and another doll from Tonner whose name is Kitty Collier which particularly reminds him of his wife in the brunette version with green eyes.
Besides being a great collector, Antonio is president of Collectors Fashion doll club in Italy and has a huge knowledge about dolls.
Antonio will give a talk on mannequin dolls in the “Madrid Fashion Doll Show” on Saturday 14th. Both Antonio and the entire team of Madrid Fashion Doll Show hope to share our love and knowledge of the mannequin dolls with you. Pink Power!!