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Integrity Toys “Dark Fable” will present in our convention…




We have the pleasure to announce that the exclusive Dark Fable “Imogen” doll, from the FR Convention “Horror High Vegas”, will be available for people with VIP registration. This doll is limited to 300 units worldwide…and we have 35 dolls for you!. If you are interested in buying a “Dark Fable” with your VIP registration, please contact us: If you want to change your non VIP pack for a VIP pack , just write to us at the same email. PINK FASHION POWER!.








 Item #91321
Dark Fable
 Horror High Vegas!!!
2013 IFDC IT DIRECT Exclusive Doll
Limited Edition of 300 Dolls


Doll Tech Specs:

Collection:  Nu.Fantasy™

Head Sculpt:  Imogen™
Body Type:  Fashion Royalty®
Quick Switch Feature:  No
Skin Tone:  FR White
Hair Color:  Duo-Toned Black and Red
Eyelashes:  Yes, Hand Applied
Total Packaged Dimensions:  Approximately 9.5″ X 15″ X 3.25″