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The Madrid Fashion Doll Show schedule

We are so excited! This is the schedule for our first Barbie and Fashion dolls Convention. Pink Power!.


11:00 am Early registration
11:00 am Showroom open
12:00 pm Showroom lecture
13:00 pm Barbieholics meeting and Pink!Bingo.
16:00 – 17:00 pm Workshop repaint and general restauration tips.
17:00 pm Late registration
17:30 pm Fashion royalty sets give away
Prizes FR Photo/ FR OOAK
19:00 pm Hawaiian Pink Party

After Hawaiian Party….. Pijama Party at romos (Sale or trade dolls and things related to fashion dolls)


11:00 am – 12 pm Registration
12:00 pm – 14 pm JAMIEShow cocktail (not included in convention package ; this event will be hold at a Luxury apartment Spanish Lunch with cava , you will be able to see the new Jamieshow doll exclusive for Madrid Fashion Doll Show convention and Buy her!!! Limited to 25 people, price for event 25 Euros) interested please contact us at
15:30 pm Antonio Russo´s Lecture about Fashion dolls (English/Spanish)
16:30 pm Ada Bogoevici´s Lectura about blogging (English/Spanish)
17:00 pm Barbie Contest Prizes
OOAK Barbie
Sew the pattern
17:00 a 19:00 pm Cinema Makeup (by appointment only)
17:30 pm Presentation Toyland in Asia Book
Nuria Simón y Guillermo Medina Gallardo (Spanish only)
20:30 pm Tablehost entrance
21:00 pm Gala “Cinema” Dinner

After dinner : Pink power fashion Style Disco Party


08:30 am Salesroom sellers only
09:30 am Salesroom conventioneers only
10:00 am Salesroom open to public
13:00 pm Selection of winners charity ruffle
17:00 pm Sales room Closing