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Today is 9th March and it is the birthday of our favorite blonde girl, she turns 59 years old.
Since her debut at the toy fair in New York in 1959, Barbie has undergone a great transformation adapting to the fashions and the vision that society has of women.
Barbie like diamonds, started being a rough diamond, designers carved her style and shape. She has become a controversy and an object of desire. Her value has risen when certain models have become scarce, becoming an accessible luxury for a few.
Barbie like diamonds has reached perfection, variety and as modern-day women have discovered that she has a message, a voice and power.
Barbie represents all women and has a message for girls of past and future generations; that we can be and do whatever we propose because we have the power.
In 2019 it will be the 60th anniversary of Barbie and the Madrid Fashion Doll Show will celebrate a great party “Chic Diamond Anniversary “, we will return to the luxury, Glamour and the elegance when Barbie was born.
Because Barbie like diamonds is forever.