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Our charity Project

Last year we collaborated with foundation “Growing Playing”, supporting their charity project “One toy one Illusion”. This year MFDS 2018 is going to work with your help to support this charity program again.” Thanks to many of you, this Christmas many children living in poverty will have the chance to own a “new” toy for their very first time.


1- If you are an OOAK artist, you could donate a doll to the different charity auctions and raffles.


2- All you have related to fashion dolls that no longer interests you (Accessories, furniture, dolls) boxed, unboxed, new or used, you could donate it to the charity raffle to be held at the Hotel salesroom “AYRE GRAN COLÓN” on September 16th.

We want this project to be a success but we cannot do it without your help. This project that we started in 2014 has made possible to deliver more than 10,000 toys to children who are on the threshold of poverty, as the campaign director of “One toy one joy” Alberto Azcona informed us during our MFDS event in September 2018.
Every year, campaign personnel come to our sales room and personally take care of the sale of solidarity raffle tickets. No member of the convention has had access to money from the sale of solidarity raffle tickets since 2014, since the money generated by the sale is counted in the same sales room and delivered to the campaign staff. In this way you can be sure that each Euro collected is correctly allocated to the campaign “One toy One joy”

You can send us your donations, even if you don’t attend the convention.

You can send an e-mail to us if you need more information:



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