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Our charity Project

This year we want to announce something very special, Madrid Fashion Doll show is going to collaborate again with the Shelter and animal sanctuary “El Campito – Salvando Peludos”.

The organizers of the event are involved with the protection of animals and their welfare and we believe that this cause is worthwhile.
During the pandemic, many animals have suffered abandonment, they have lost their owners, Shelters like “El Campito – Salvando Peludos” are the only hope of finding a new home again. This shelter does a necessary job that we want to support. Let’s help those who have no voice.
We know that all the friends of our Madrid Fashion Doll Show event want the best for animals, so we ask for your help!
This year we are  going to hold our online auction as usual on eBay we can tell that we have many amazing artist helping this project.
You can also collaborate with any amount, no matter how small, any help is important and is welcome! Help us to help!
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1- If you are an OOAK artist, you could donate a doll to the different charity auctions and raffles.


2- All you have related to fashion dolls that no longer interests you (Accessories, furniture, dolls) boxed, unboxed, new or used, you could donate it to the charity raffle to be held at the Hotel salesroom “AYRE GRAN COLÓN” on September 4th.

You can send us your donations, even if you don’t attend the convention.

You can send an e-mail to us if you need more information: