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Organizers of the “Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention” are members of the official Barbie club en España: “Coleccionistas de Fashion Dolls en Madrid”. We celebrate our event each year in the center of Spain, Madrid. We come from many places, and we adore sharing our love for fashion dolls with other people like us!

In our organization we have collectors of many talents who offer each year their expertises to create an event that brings joy and let us share our passion for collecting Barbie, in Spain and the world.




Mónica Núñez del Castillo

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Cofunder of the convention, designer and doll artist


Brani Mladenov

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Official illustrator of the convention


Paco Alcaide

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Cofunder of the convention and fashion designer


Alla Dolgaleva

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Codesigner for the jewels of our convention dolls and dolls and jewels artist

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Sonia Gallego

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Codesigner of our convention dolls, volunteer and artist

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MFDS Creative Team

Carmen Gavarre, Mónica Núñez and Sonia Gallego's team site! Here you'll find what else we do, our portfolios and our shop!

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